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Nov 23, 2020
As I noted previously, August wasn't my best month, and while I was inundated with offers (and with many in the low 4-figures) I only made one sale and had to put up with a LOT of crap, constantly responding to these jokers, putting up with their BS, etc.

So for September, I decided to ignore any and all bids that were not close to my "Buy Zone".

A week in, it's been a lot more relaxing and a few days ago I finally thought I had made a breakthrough...

After receiving bids on several different domains, one of them offered $2K for a domain I really didn't care about and had been holding for a few years.

So I accept, thinking it'll give me some TBR fun money, but it's been 2 days and no payment and Dan just sent a "reminder" - standard deadbeat behavior, so I guess even with my new safeguards, the penny-pinching hammerheads somehow got me again. I swear I am dealing with little children who need to look in the couch for spare change in order to buy anything.

If this continues, I am going to take the entire month of October off and not respond to any of the nitwits that isn't offering "crazy money", like freaking cra-zeeeeee money.

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Latest update from Dan, which again is standard deadbeat behavior:

I will do some follow up with the buyer first to get a better idea of their intentions and will keep you posted.

I have tried calling the buyer just now to inquire about their pending payment but wasn’t able to get ahold of them.

I have made sure to send them a private email to establish a payment date and update you accordingly.

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I treat SOLD emails from dan no different than offers. To me it is only sold when the money lands in my account, until then it is always an offer.

When my domains pointed to dan and I got a so called SOLD (what I call still an offer) notification I almost always changed the name server and pointed it to my lander because marks the domain sold. In reality that process can last up to two weeks and the domain is effectively off the market during that time.

I had an interesting situation where the domain was marked sold on dan and after 3 days I pointed it to my godaddy make an offer page. That panicked the buyer making him think someone else could buy the domain and we received payment that day.

So yes dan has a weak SOLD feature but I think in the future you will have to make a godaddy account to make an offer and then you get banned by not completing. That is the only real way godaddy has any real control and something similar has to happen at dan.
I treat SOLD emails from dan no different than offers. To me it is only sold when the money lands in my account, until then it is always an offer.

Same here, but I a) didn't think it was that big a risk at only $2K and b) I was trying my best to elude any hassles from nitwit buyers and ironically failed.

The hammerheads are gonna get you no matter what you do, but at least by not responding to low- and mid-ballers I mitigated the irritation level greatly so far this month.

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