Namecheap Stuffing Cheap .CA Sales into Namebio (1 Viewing)


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Nov 23, 2020
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Just what we need, more low 3-figure .CA crap sales from a cheapo registrar being promoted on a site like Namebio. :poop:

Why are they even sending these numbers out, as usually domain sales venues have a strict minimum to get rid of the meaningless junk. What's the minimum at Namecheap, 5 bucks? 2 bucks? Fiffy cents? :LOL:
As I posted in another thread, these look like ".CA redemption fee charges" and not brand new sales as the previous owner is still the current owner on the ones I've researched, and the domains never went to TBR.

From my data it would seem that the domain expires at NameCheap, but before it actually gets released to the TBR (during Redemption period I would imagine) there is a 3-figure charge to redeem it (thus creating an entry that gets sent to Namebio as a "sale"), potentially based on how many days it's been in redemption.

Namebio needs to delete this meaningless crap from the "domain sales" database or Namecheap needs to clean up their sales feed.

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