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Nov 4, 2020
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In some Asian countries the number 8 is considered very lucky and some marketplaces like owned by Mark Thorpe take advantage of this when pricing their domains. Looking at the site you can tell a good portion of them are priced ending in xx,888.

Does Mark Thorpe know something we don't?

Is this a successful tactic?

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Discuss below.

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seen that for a long time in different places, ending the price in 88, 888, 8888, etc. I do that with some of my names. After that whole bubble year (around 2016?) on CHIP domains I have more knowledge/appreciation for what the Chinese supposedly prefer. who knows if it really works though, seems silly to be more inclined to buy a domain because it ends in crazy 8's.
Prices on the listed market page end in 888, but the domain landing pages resolve to GoDaddy and are listed for different price. Significantly lower prices, and all ending in 811.

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