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Nov 4, 2020
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Today I improved the SEARCH function for the forum software.

The built in forum software was pretty useless when it came to searching for domains because it ignored the dot in domain names.

If you searched for red it would show results for red but not or

If you searched for it would not show, it always took numerous searches to see all results.

With the new search you can search red. (add a dot after the name) and it will show all domain extensions like or but it will ignore the search term red by itself.

So now we have an incredible new tool that allows you to search for any domain name simply by adding a period (or dot) after the word and it will show results for all domains.

Plus it is a much more pleasing search window without the numerous tabs from before.

I added the search hint when you open the window.

Screenshot - 2022-12-31T154504.753.png
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good to know. I remember thinking the same, the search seemed useless and often returned no results when I knew it should...
Yeah, I am paying for advanced xenforo search and it still sucks.

This modification is so much better than anything xenforo had for search, you will find things in seconds.

Also search cannot be tracked.
I used it to find an old telegram topic, the new search is fast, I wasn't hot on the previous one far too many could not find results.

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