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Jul 3, 2021
Toronto, ON
The NFTs.com domain name was acquired for $15 million, according to a press release I was sent by a representative from Escrow.com. According to the release, the deal was brokered by Domainer.com and GoDaddy. The sale was facilitated by Escrow.com. This is one of the largest publicly reported domain name sale of all time. It is the second largest publicly reported sale in the past few years, following the $30 million sale of Voice.com in 2019.
NFTs.com Acquired for $15 Million | DomainInvesting.com

How much is the .ca worth? It's owned by a Railway company.

Found the tweet that mentioned this sale back in April 2022.
Saw that sale this morning. Wow! and at a time when crypto is in a downturn too. like I mentioned in another post, even when the economy is on the rocks, domains still sell.
I think Mr Wonderful Kevin O'Leary owns NFT.com
Anyone who looks at the exact dollar amount of any appraisal (even a multi-layered professional one) and thinks that is the EXACT max amount it will sell for is absolutely insane. Nothing could ever do that as it all comes down to innumerable "human factors", timing, geo-political, the economy, etc. that can never, ever be absolutely quantified.

But I find GD appraisals to be useful when using ranges, and for example if we had an experiment where GD were to give me 100 random domains with a $10.000 or higher appraisal and were to give another person 100 random domains all with an appraisal under $1,000, I would bet serious money that I would make more in sales over a 5 year period that the other guy. Like serious money.

But unless the Terminator hand-delivers me a super-computer from the future, there will never be a tool that accurately predicts what one human will pay another human for a digital property, but estimation tools like this can still have their uses.
Appraisal tools treat domains like commodities that are quantified and liquid. On the opposite end of the spectrum, domains are truly one-of-a-kind assets and should be negotiated as such.

As most people will have a portfolio with a wide range of quality, they should probably treat the lesser quality half of their portfolio more like commodties to keep sales and cash flowing, but then the better half of their portfolio should be treated like one-of-a-kind assets and negotiated accordingly.

The key is knowing which are which.

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