.CA NGE.ca Sold For $14,432, CandaHockey.ca For $11,300 & More By ExcellentDomains (1 Viewing)

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It was all from ExcellentDomains, so good job there, but that leaves a lot of people out in the cold, at least in terms of public sales. :D

But at least it demonstrates a bit of life in the LLL .ca market, as I haven't had a serious 3-letter offer in a very long time.
Our government must have decided to shut down Hockey Canada and create a new organization in its place, like Justin Trudeau hinted at already.

Check this article below and specifically the last paragraph which quotes Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau says the federal government isn't in the business of creating organizations.

But as scandal-plagued Hockey Canada continues to vigorously defend its leadership amid a landslide of criticism over the national organization's handling of alleged sexual assaults -- and how money was paid out to settle lawsuits -- the prime minister swung the door open on that possibility Thursday.

"There needs to be wholesale change," Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa. "They need to realize that if we have to create an organization, get rid of Hockey Canada, and create an organization called 'Canada Hockey' instead, people will look at doing that."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau floats idea of replacing scandal-plagued Hockey Canada

He said they might do this, and this sale seems to suggest they're going ahead with it... but it still hasn't made the news yet...
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Also curious if these were quick sales, or months-long negotiations on price.

I'd bet those LLLs were long-term negotiations, possibly years in the works.
If you quote $10k USD, they will file UDRP

And make sure Claude Freeman is the panelist, who I believe has already given away multiple LLLs under very spurious reasons.
The current lander for canadahockey.ca says it's still for sale...?

Do you guys think it's deliberate and actually for sale, or is this just a default lander that they selected without really knowing better? I see there's a specific option to list domains for sale using a namespro lander so someone chose that, but i believe that's where excellent domains holds most of their domains and 11.3K USD would seem too much to pay with the intent to resell. Hell of a gamble anyway.

The last whois update showing (ie likely the real sale date) was also only one day after Trudeau made the comment about changing names to Canada Hockey, so that can't be a coincidence... Maybe it's even Hockey Canada who bought it to make sure no one else did (and just to stick it to trudeau)?

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