No Thanks. List my domains on DAN only (1 Viewing)

I list my domains on dan and godaddy auctions.

From there on they seem to list at afternic anyways without the endless questions and emails.

That said, I ignore most contacts because of the 20% commission. When they finally email me I initiate a 5% push to

That is why I no longer forward the domains to Dan either, all my domains now forward to my /market/mapledots so that I can do a push to dan at 5%.

On my .ca's I ask for e-transfer up to 6k, anything over that gets pushed to dan.

Works for me, I cannot remember the last time I paid 20%
The other thing you can do is....

Forward to godaddy like this...

Now all clients have to contact godaddy and a broker will contact you.
The brokerage fee and commission is paid by the end user leaving you totally commission free.

I do that for a number of my private domains where I don't want prospective end users knowing who I am.
This was a sale from Afternic Distribution Network - 20% commission

The question is.... would the buyer have found the domain without afternic?

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