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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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We have 3 slots for the top Notable Members: Member Statistics

Notable #2 & Notable #3 are developing into an interesting situation with the top two contenders in each category being @rlm and @DomainRecap

Notable #1 is for Most Topics and @Esdiel still has a considerable lead over @silentg

Screenshot - 2023-01-18T072118.441.png

It's a friendly little competition that will take a fair bit of time to play out but it's interesting to watch as it develops.

I have removed myself from this competition (for obvious reasons) and I see I need to remove the NewsBot as well.
We want this to flow naturally with no pressure but it is exciting to watch.
Screenshot - 2023-01-18T074028.476.png

With the Newsbot removed @dancarls slides into view in Notable #1 - Most Topics (y)

The reason we made Most Topics the top notable slot is because we consider it the the most important to stimulate member engagement.

We appreciate everyone who has contributed to our success and hope to see how this little competition will play out in the future.
I suppose the 3rd category for the "most likes" is for the person who has received the most "likes". That's fair.

I would argue that the one who has given the most likes should also be complimented, because it takes a big heart to appreciate another person's comment or contribution. Most love receiving but not giving.

How about creating another category??
Screenshot - 2024-02-24T103133.271.png

@DomainRecap is about to overtake @rlm for the most amount of likes.

Currently @silentg has a commanding lead for Most Topics and @DomainRecap has a commanding lead for most posts.

@rlm needs to create some content if he wants to retain his lead.

PS. As admin I have set it so I am ignored by the notable member stats.

Please note that this is purely for fun and it does not mean any member is contributing any less valuable content. It is simply done to stimulate activity with the top 5 members visible in each category.
Screenshot (28).png

@DomainRecap is very close to overtaking @rlm with most likes.

If he achieves it he will have Double Gold Notable Status
No problem - lately I've been too busy with other projects or just life in general to really engage much. I still lurk here every day and if I have anything truly unique or useful to add, I will. If anyone has specific questions for me, don't hesitate to ask or PM.

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