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Nov 7, 2020
Vernon, BC
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I received a 6-fig buy-now transaction notice from escrow.com, started on a .ca domain. The buyer’s email address is from the same sld, but with the .ru ccTLD.

I’m just sooo confident that this transaction will go through because, you know, those oligarchs have so much money to throw around these days, lol. I bet it was an impulse purchase he stumbled on while surfing the net from his super yacht.

Anyone else get some recent offers from our russian friends?

So obviously I don’t think this is a real transaction, but for the sake of argument, if you were a russian trying to hide a billion in cash, would domains be a good way to do it? The upside is privacy built in and no block chain to worry about tracking it. Obvious pitfalls would be still getting the money to escrow.com before your account gets blocked, and then obvious liquidity problems trying to cash out later. But I guess even if you eventually got 25% of your money back its better than losing it all…
digital assets in general are good for storing high value, premium domains, nfts, crypto... and being easily portable.

the same argument works for the regular citizen in countries with high inflation to protect themselves. work hard your life and save in your country's currency, only to see it inflated away to nothing. or, you have to flee your country and leave hard assets, bank accounts, etc, behind. better to have stored some value in good domain names or something like bitcoin at a reputable registrar or exchange, then it's there no matter where you end up. sure they could also decrease in value but probably not as much as the currency of a troubled country, like Turkey or Venezuela and others.

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