FOR SALE ONE Word .CA Domains For Sale individually or as a BUNDLE $5k! (1 Viewing)


Jul 5, 2022
ONE Word .CA Domains For Sale individually or as a BUNDLE (FAST Sale)

please see thread update below in the thread of FIRE SALE of $7k for the bundle

We had purchased most of these domains a loooooong time ago for different niche projects. Currently due to one of our other prime launches and associated Development cost, we are liquidating these as soon as possible this week individually or as a BUNDLE Price. Please message me via here with your offers for any domains you like or as a bundle.

Payments can be ideally by paypal or by - your choice. For bundle price given the amount ideally via If you prefer for individual domains that can be arranged as well. Most importantly, our motivation to let this go is our other project(s). So time is of essence, so your offer and time-to-close will influence the final price agreed. (first-come first served - so if you have an offer, please message ASAP as we will decide very quickly and this thread will be updated as and when each domain or if all are sold). thank you in advance!
Pricing added below in the thread as private messages were asking for pricing

some suggestions of potential uses to help you visualize and plan for each domain... (SOLD)
great for a TABLET ecommerce portal (SOLD)
Great for Curry Restaurants or Curry and spices products ecommerce
All feminine female related products ecommerce
Fashion and makeup blog and ecommerce portal
Men's products ecommerce
Matisse Art ecommerce
A potential food blog specialising in Noodle products or brandable domain
A relationship portal?
Cooking related site (SOLD) (SOLD)

Given the private messages for pricing, I have added pricing below to 'fast-track' to a sale. Whoever offers the best prices to the below will secure the names individually or as a bundle

here are the asking prices to fast-track sales. This way you are free to offer/make decisions. we can also work as a package bundle. Total price below is around $32k. We can offer a bundle price at $14k for ALL names below. please let me know your thoughts. thank you! :)

Total (if bought individually)$32,260$3,000$2,000$2,000$2,000$2,000$2,000$2,000$995$995$995$995$995$995$995$995$900$700$700$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500$500
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Nice names!
I recognize that portfolio - I bought at least one domain from you a year or two ago, so you've got a couple votes for being a good seller.
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thank you all for the positive vibes....

currently is UNDER OFFER. and the most private messages with interest and most likely be under offer within 24 hours. So if any names interest you, please private message with offers so you can secure what you like. :)
hi All
FIRE SALE....FURTHER REVISION on prices!! - last attempt before closing the portfolio sale for good
Wanted to 'accelerate' the sale. so for the remaining domains total value individually adds upto $12k+ but
can close for anyone offering $5k for the lot (whoever offers and commits to an transaction will secure it and after that the domains under offer will be gone from here :))
payment via
please let me know your thoughts on bundle or individual items below

thank you

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