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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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Aside from domains, what do you think are good investments to make right now? Generally I'm thinking of something that the average investor can get into, so not like buying Vancouver real estate, or buying farmland in the Midwest, unless there are some etfs for that, but really whatever.

crypto has had a big surge, some think it's the beginning of bitcoin going to 50k, 100k and beyond.

I'm fairly active in gold, silver, uranium, copper miners right now, from explorers and juniors to the established miners. I think with all the money printing and debt going on, and lack of exploration in the last decade, commodities are going to have a multi-year run. And when gold, silver, uranium stocks have good runs it's pretty spectacular.

The general stock markets, like the Dow and Nasdaq, seem pretty toppy right now, reminding me of early 2000. But all the money printing and debt could make all hard assets increase in value, though nominally. Has anyone seen the Venezuelan stock market chart in the local currency when it was being devalued?

Over the last 20 years, being in domains has been a nice counter to my regular work in natural resources (forestry), so when forestry was in a slump a few domain sales would help out. Domains have been pretty steady, even through the 2008 recession and now through this pandemic, domain sales always seem to keep going on.
Uranium stocks had a nice bounce today. US wants a national supply, plus world demand/supply is getting out of balance, so price has to go up with many nuclear reactors coming online or getting a life extension.

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