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Jul 3, 2021
Toronto, ON
First off, we’d like to notify and thank our customers for their patience with the sudden issue regarding PayPal on our website.

Last night we received an email from PayPal stating that we can no longer do business with PayPal. The email didn’t state any more information except that there was a trademark or copyright violation regarding the sale of an item. We were never provided any additional information about the alleged violation. Additionally, we were never given any prior notice, nor any chance to explain any transaction before being banned.

We understand that PayPal has suddenly banned other domain service companies without initially giving detail of the reasoning, including NameBio last year. We are hoping for a chance to know why we have been banned, and to be given a chance to rectify the issue quickly and easily. But PayPal has not provided us any way to do that, other than to send a letter to their legal department.

To suddenly ban an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar without providing any specific details is a bad business practice. Sav and other registrars deserve a chance to explain and rectify any transaction before suffering a total, sudden ban. We hope that PayPal will reach back out to us soon to correct this mistake.

To our many users that use PayPal as their primary payment method, we are just as frustrated as you are. At the moment, we suggest you use a credit card to make any purchases on Sav while our attorneys work to contact PayPal and resolve this issue. We are hoping to get this issue solved as quickly as possible.

PayPal’s sudden and unfair decision to ban Sav has hurt our business. We are trying to do everything we can to give creators and domain investors the easiest experience possible, and PayPal has been part of that experience for many of our customers, for two years.

If you have any connections at PayPal or time to tweet them on behalf of Sav, then we would greatly appreciate the support! We will update this post as soon as we get more information.

Hi everyone,

As of August 17, 2022 at 6 PM CDT PayPal has banned our ICANN accredited domain name registrar over a misunderstanding they haven’t provided details on. While our attorneys are currently working on rectifying the issue, we feel that our customer base has an even stronger voice. Please go to our Twitter and retweet this post to help us resolve this issue.

As always, thanks for your support and patience!
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Yikes. Not good news but it's not the first time i've heard something like this before. Crazy to think how Sav gets the boot when a company like GD must have 100000000X more TMed domains sold on the daily.
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Crazy to think how Sav gets the boot when a company like GD must have 100000000X more TMed domains sold on the daily.
Hate to put it so bluntly but you know the old saying….. It’s not who you know but it’s who you…….
f*** Paypal. I quit using them long ago. If I had to use them to make payment, I did it as a guest. They behave as if they are a monopoly. There are other options. Please use anything but paypal. Its precisely the behavior demonstrated in this example, which has been repeated many times. Paypal acts as an executioner with no recourse, no appeals, no contact, nothing.

I've been trying to delete my paypal account, and remove my banking information, but they won't let me. I get notifications of people trying to log into my account with the two-factor authentication texts coming to me, so I know I'm actively trying to be hacked into my paypal account, so I want it shut down with all my banking and CC info removed. Its frustrating as hell and has been nothing but a major waste of my time trying.

f*** Paypal. Period.

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