People are defaulting on their Utility bills (1 Viewing)

Hardly a surprise as economists have been predicting this for years. I remember seeing a show (probably on Nova) in the late-80's or early-90's that outlined this scenario perfectly and predicted that by 2025 we'd be deep in the :poop:.

Finite Resources + A Rapidly-Mushrooming Global Population + Evil Corporations Eager to Raise Prices = TODAY

The first week in our new house (in a new development) while taking out our garbage and while looking at all the other people doing the same thing, and seeing the endless lines of trash bags dotting the streets, I had to laugh at our innate delusion that a capitalist lifestyle is even remotely sustainable at current population levels.

But the best example of this idiotic chicanery was Mexico City proclaiming itself a "Green City"... and this momentous goal was achieved by simply moving their dump site to a more remote location. o_O :oops:
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Finite resources and record high debt levels / money debasement.

UK has to import a high amount of energy. I read that the UK is re-opening some oil or gas fields to drilling again.

It could be bad for Europe if they get a cold 2023/24 winter, unlike last year which was a mild winter. A hot summer also boosts energy demands.

Commodities are going to have a good run for a few years, and money printing will return.
Looks like inflation is falling everywhere except food and it's getting pretty crazy out there.

I was in Walmart yesterday and saw people just sitting in corners eating food from the package :confused:... but the worst was in Subway this week.

I was in line and three guys ordered subs, so the server bagged them and asked "How would you like to pay?" Immediately one of the guys reaches under the counter, grabs the bag and they all tear out like the Devil's on their heels, while everyone in Subway just looks shocked.

An old guy sitting at a table says to his friend, "Hey, did you see that?"

Old guy's friend, "Yeah, this country's going to $#@&"

Couldn't agree more.

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