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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Yes you heard right, with the sale of I have decided to offer personalised landing pages to members without websites.

It will be a brand new section set up similar to the Marketplace except each member will have their own personalized version with an instant webpage. I had that planned for the new year but the sale of has accelerated this in my plans.
This is a great idea(y) Do your family ever see you Frank?;)
A lot of you are probably wondering why I insist on using NamePost for our Marketplace.

Let me explain...

With the sellout of to GoDaddy my intention is to launch a free Marketplace called NamePost that allows our members to have their own Market Listings and Landing Pages.

I am currently hiring a developer to help me bring this to fruition.

The only way we are going to be a full service website for .ca is by also having a fully functioning Marketplace. will be that marketplace and it will live fully inside of but if necessary it will be coded in a way that it can become a sister site as the exclusive Marketplace for

The and domains are reserved for secondary marketplaces that would run under

Generally meant as a place for our .ca members to list their other domains.
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Definitely looking forward to this.

Any preview of what a landing page would look like? Or would the .ca just be forwarded to the marketplace URL?

Any estimated time on when this will be completed?
You may have noticed the NamePost url is
That is the default landing page for all NamePost URL's
That is the landing page when you click
That is the landing page when you click
That is the landing page when you click

So to keep that theme going each persons marketplace will be...

So you get your own lander and you can delete ANYONE'S post withing your forum.
Then you get individual pages under your forum for any domain you list.

You can then simply redirect domain to your Lander Directory or to a new topic under your lander.

It will pretty well give you free reign to edit/delete anything in your marketplace.
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Sounds great..
Hi Frank,

What an outstanding idea.
Will this be open to ext;s other than dot ca?

Looking forward to the launch.
Also, is the Marketplace limited to ca, com, and xyz?

It is open to anyone, they just have to be a member.

Any extension works you can do whatever you want with your Marketplace.

Beta should launch by the end of Monday June 11, 2022

It's a basic Beta which will get more features with each passing week.

I will be announcing more by the end of the day today... might be late as I am hard at work on this.

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