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Nov 10, 2020
On the Facebook page of the French forum I follow, members highly speak about this French guy based with his wife in Spain and specialised in PNB's. François Tréca.

They offer custom jobs for only 9€.. I never used them myself, but if you are looking for that kind of websites, he could be your guy.

Seems to be french only…don’t see an option for english
jaydub said:
Seems to be french only…don’t see an option for english

Sadly yes.. but may be we can shoot him an email to find out I believe or [notify]Lachinoiserie[/notify] can help.
Lachinoiserie said:
Already did it ;-)
I guess he could do French, English, Spanish.
I will update with his reply.

Much appreciate your help [notify]Lachinoiserie[/notify]
He replied yesterday, hadn't the time to post.

He is doing French only, so end of story here.

But I share with him Spex's article and he said:

I think Google is mostly looking to penalize mass-generated sites with mush. For "clean" PBNs (which I am proposing), I think Google can hardly take the risk of automatically penalizing because there can be a lot of "false positives" (ie "real" sites that look like to PBN sites would also be penalized).
In short, I don't worry too much

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