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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
I get a lot of unsolicited domain spam and thought I would post a topic on it.

Received Today via text...

Screenshot (72).png

I own so that is probably why I was targeted.

Nonetheless, it is still unsolicited spam in my book
Received via email today...

Screenshot (71).png

What are the odds of getting a hit on an unsolicited list of domains?
I get some spam like that from time to time over the years, most are useless but a few times I've been able to get the exact match .com to my .ca for low $xxx. There are a few companies that seem to focus on liquidating dropcatches or people's portfolios. Hasn't happened lately though. I hate the ones like in your second post, where they send you a long list of mostly crappy domains, sometimes with ridiculous prices.

I love their note at the end. Like there will be a “next conversation”.
most of the spam I get nowadays is related to services wanting to build websites, apps, SEO, etc. get a bunch of these everyday in my spam folder.
LOL - how do they work without an office or even an address?

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