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Thanks for participating. I guess it was a good lesson for me too, I never do outbound, but 30 minutes of research and filling out a handful of contact forms and a few emails worked.

Outbound can work with generics. I don't do it either, and as a rule I usually don't buy generics (and am a terrible salesman), but I had one that I was going to drop and decided to outbound and see what happened.

Amazingly, within a week I got some replies, a couple of offers, and ended up accepting one.
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Very happy to see this sold for a nice amount. I wouldn’t want to see all of @aactive’s domains liquidated for peanuts.

Thanks for the sentiment. I wouldn't want to see that happen to any one of us. So hopefully we've all got a family member or very trusted friend that can handle our portfolios when it happens to us. I don't think most of us probably put enough thought into estate planning - which is very critical for assets like domains.

Its nice to think that our spouse or family members will have the time & energy to do it. We've all spent how many years doing this, and then one day its dumped onto someone who has little to zero experience... Not a good situation.
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