Premium pricing for quality domain names is essential. (1 Viewing)


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1:17 AM
May 9, 2024
I've noticed recently that many premium domain names are either retained by the registry or given a premium price after expiration, even with traditional domain extensions like

The domain market is still quite small, and for future expansion, it will rely on registries acting as market makers and domain brokerage platforms driving speculation.

Therefore, premium pricing by registries and high brokerage fees are inevitable steps in this process.

The future of domains is to be promoted widely, similar to mobile phone numbers, until everyone has one.

As domain investors, our focus should be on holding non-premium domains while avoiding unreliable registries like .icu that impose premium pricing even before expiration.
The newer tld's are a free for all, you're totally at the mercy of the guy that runs the registry. He can keep whatever he wants to charge a premium and he can raise the rates anytime he wants to.

.XYZ is a prime example, you have to be a moron to own anything in the premium category.

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