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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

I finally secured the Priide twitter handle today, it was quite the task to provide twitter with all the details for them to remove it from the previous owner and grant it to the copyright owner.

You guys may or may not know I have a mock up site running at:

My kids and I thought of this idea together and it has taken me years to get Priide in .com .org .net .ca .us

We plan to start by launching a Xenforo Community and then a social platform using the Mastodon Software

I procured the domains, the twitter handle, the gab handle, and am working on getting the facebook handle.

Once done the software will work very much like which is a variation of what twitter uses.

The new social network will be called Priide inclusive and it will be open to everyone with no hate. The website will give you a sneak preview. I have allocated almost a million dollars for this project and it has been 5 years in the making. Right now I am negotiating with Amazon to run on their AWS platform so the site cant can grow unimpeded.

I live in the technology center (Waterloo) and am working with a startup company to get it running.

Very exciting times...

PS. This is the second time I managed to protect my mark and procure my twitter handle.
Wow…that’s terrific Frank. All your years of hard work coming to fruition *THUMBSUP*
DomainRecap said:
Probably not the best choice of words. :D

Funny but...

The site has nothing to do with sexuality, it is about acceptance of all genders, races, and no hate.

It is very much going to be built on the idea that the word priide means everyone, so instead of having to add letters LGBTQ+ etc there is no more need for that. It is an anti hate, anti bullying campaign aimed at everyone.

Tolerance and inclusivity for everyone.

My boy is so excited to launch this!! @=

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