Private equity group drops lawsuit over banks typo (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
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Private equity group drops lawsuit over “banks” typo​

SiteTools redirected the domain name to its domain name to divert consumers from Bansk’s online locations to a site accessible under the domain name that could harm the goodwill represented by the Bansk mark, either for commercial gain or with the intent to tarnish or disparage the Bansk mark, by creating a likelihood of confusion as to the source, sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of the site(s) accessible under the domain name.

Read more: Private equity group drops lawsuit over “banks” typo - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News
Love to know what happened there, as is now forwarding to

Was a sale part of the deal?
Oh I know they tried to pull that idiotic "every renewal is a new registration" bonehead scam and were never going to win, but I would like to confirm a sale took place.
The owner of the domain caved and gave it away not wanting to fight a lawsuit.

I doubt he did, but that's always a possibility.

More likely he caved on the price.

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