Purchased for $151K Fanbase.com is shutting down (1 Viewing)


Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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Back in August of 2020 the domain name Fanbase.com closed at auction on GoDaddy at $151,000.

The company that bought the domain name was looking to create an open platform for creators who wanted to produce and sell digital content.

Last week they sent out an email that it was time to say goodbye.

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Sometimes creators go in with the best of intentions but you just cannot get traction.

I had the same when I launched NamePost, it just stalled and one has to know when to stop bailing out a sinking ship. I can relate to the owners and feel sad the project was not a success. Especially when you consider how much work goes into coding a site. For me I was fortunate because NamePost was a learning curve and a lot of the innovation I put on the site has now been incorporated on DN.ca so my many hours of work were recycled to our benefit here. Fortunately DN.ca is a passion project of mine so I am willing to keep it running regardless of economics, but I do picture us picking up steam as the .ca space starts to get more crowded.

I had an inquiry on one of my domains yesterday (via phone call) and it was a new startup company from Toronto. I knew the owner was playing me pretending he did not know the value of a one word .ca but when I directed him to our community he was instantly taken aback by the short domain and the thriving community. He said he had no idea such a place existed for Canada. I told him to read and try to find a compromise by adding a second word if he cannot afford a single word.

All in all a very nice guy so my heart aches every time I read a story about a failed project. I hope the owners of Fanbase are more successful with their new project. Apparently it is launching on the same domain.

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