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Dec 19, 2020
I'm sure it's a long shot but was wondering if anyone ever heard of a .quebec domain sale before?

I couldn't find any mentioning of a single sale anywhere across forums etc, it's not even an option to select in the extension list on namebio, and there are 0 examples to be found in GoDaddy's comparable sales section. Perhaps that answers my question, and I know they're somewhat rare/unpopular to begin with, but thought I'd ask.
I've never been asked to acquire one, although I think they are kind of cool, and the guys that run the registry are great guys.
MaiTaiMan said:
I've never been asked to acquire one, although I think they are kind of cool, and the guys that run the registry are great guys.

Really mostly one guy :) But he's great, yes.
Thanks guys. I've heard the guy behind it is a great guy.

The extension hasn't been very successful in Quebec from what I can tell. The registry website (registre.quebec) does showcase 24 different sites using the extension, but i'm not sure how many more there are out there.

I live in Quebec and very rarely see it in use (i cant even think of an example atm), and I don't think many people even know it exists to be honest. Not sure if it's because of a lack of promotion or because people don't like it.

The extension itself is rather long as well with 6 letters, so maybe that has something to do with it. I think people here (in general) would prefer qc.ca if it were possible, given they're familiar with it and it's still quite heavily in use today. Seems like the registry has had to answer questions related to this more than once too. This is from the FAQ page (when the website was still available in english):

According to the international rules established and managed by ICANN, only countries that have been listed in the ISO 3166-1 standard can be assigned two-letter suffixes. These two-letter country codes are used for the Internet‘s country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD). The suffix .QUE could be confused with the Spanish word “que.” The suffix .QUEBEC, written out in full, in an e-mail address, for example, is much more representative.

Here's the link to the FAQ page if anyone is interested:

Sidenote: i found it interesting to see .qc.ca in namebio's extension list.

It's the only provincial domain sale ever reported to namebio, hence why no other provincial extensions are included in the dropdown extension list. This was also the same seller & buyer as the sale of vu.ca for 30K, which occurred ~6 months prior to the sale of vu.qc.ca.


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