Rams.com drops on Dan.com (1 Viewing)

MapleDots said:
Is this not [notify]AdamDicker[/notify] 's domain

How can it drop?

Did this one expire or does Domain Gang just mean that it “drops” with new nameservers? I don’t recall seeing anything about this one expiring this year.

There use to be a site up just this year on RAMS…. The animal.
Yup I misunderstood sorry about that.

For a second I thought with Dan becoming a registrar this was one of the first big drops for them.

I am certain this domain did belong to Adam because he owned a number of animal domains and sold a few for some pretty big bucks.

Unless he sold it I am positive he was or still is the owner.
This is similar to when Sedo announced it was handling the sale OpenSea.com - I think Dan is just the place to negotiate/buy Rams.com if you're interested.

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