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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

So Rebel has .ca at $7.99

How long has the $7.99 deal been on?

Regular price is $10.99 which puts them at par with Canspace but the renewal cost of $19.99 is a kileer.

Do they have any domainer pricing?
Anyone using them as their main registrar?

Unfortunate that the .ca forwards to the .com instead of a dedicated .ca address.
At least you can select pricing in cad though.
I've only ever used them for their $3.99 deals that happen once (or twice?) a year and either drop the names or transfer prior to renewing. Their backend for domain management is pretty slow so setting nameservers and txt records is a pain.
Yes the Rebel control panel isn't great. I've registered there using their promotions but transferred out before expiry almost always.
Same here...domain management is really convoluted
I have a bunch of names there, and as they come due for renewals i transfer out. I only buy via Rebel when they have sales on.

I have found they do not offer great renewal deals or discount registrations. I just discovered that they renew your domains 30days early "to protect me from losing my domains" but they are more than happy to reverse the charge in time to transfer the domains out.


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