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Nov 4, 2020
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red.png is now For Sale

What can I say about red that has not been said 14,750,000,000 times on google!
The possibilities for this domain are endless.


Offers Over: 100k

Inquire in topic or email:

Comments welcome
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This is what it looks like when a page like this indexes on google...


Just saw this on google, shows how you can use as a nice marketplace for free.
I spent a lot of time modifying the code to get listings to display like this.
I'd like to make an offer with a catch...
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Real Estate Directory has a limited lifespan as realtors get replaced by websites.

Jump in now for an incredible opportunity.

Real Estate Directory has a limited lifespan as realtors get replaced by websites.

Jump in now for an incredible opportunity.
Fantastic. Selling my idea back to me - reminds me of a FedEx commercial that ran a few years ago.
Fantastic. Selling my idea back to me - reminds me of a FedEx commercial that ran a few years ago.

It was a great idea but I am currently not in the mood to develop anymore domains.

Red can have numerous applications, this is just one of them.

I do appreciate talking and yes selling back is the whole point of being a domain reseller, I look at any discussion as a possible marketing opportunity.

I am looking for a retail buyer and only stating the possible uses.

Medical service, ie blood testing, red wine, a brewery as in red beer, the possibilities for red are endless.

I will argue there are only select few domains in the entire .ca catalog that can match the power of this domain, especially because the Canadian colors are red thus further expanding the possibilities of the domain.
BUT I only saw you posting twice about the one idea I discussed with you. You've owned since 2004. I know there is no possible way to develop everything, but if you had developed, you would've made more than 100k in the last 18 years. And who better to develop than people who really truly understand what can be.

Yes, I get the connection between RED and Canada, but it is still a .CA. If I can go back in time, I would never spend the time and money to invest in .CAs. Would've 1000x my money with .coms.

The main problem with the domain market is that there is a whole new generation now making the purchasing decisions that grew up with Google and Facebook and don't even understand what a domain name is. Most of them type urls in Google. : )
I cannot argue with your logic, you are correct on the development part but you also have to look at the fact that eventually some single word domains will become million dollar sellers comparable to the sale.

The development aspect could be something I would look at but only in terms of a partnership where I would get a kick back for the lease of the domain. To be involved in daily operations, funding, etc is not for me right now.

I also agree that .com's have a higher return but I would never have been able to purchase and as a domain investor I am shooting for 10% value to a .com when I sell the domain. That is just a rough estimate in general but definitely something I look at.

Everyone has different reasons for purchasing, I purchase my domains and purposely keep most them out of the limelight so there is no previous use that could skew the possibility of a new end user wanting the domain.

A fresh CLEAN on word .ca will only appreciate and if I follow your logic I would have to develop a big chunk of my catalog. That is a completely new business and separate from what a domainer does. I sell domains, not websites or finished products. Am a losing money doing that? Possibly, but only a few start ups actually make money without spending the first few years in a net loss situation.

@dnbroker I loved talking to you and your sites are inspiring, but I have too much on my plate as it is.
A revenue share without a substantial investment is not possible - maybe someone totally green would give it a shot, and I wish you all the best with that. Try selling that business model to Zolo. It turns out that it is now possible to completely invent a word and have a million dollar online business.

I am not saying if you make money or don't make money. I know better than not to count someone else's money. I have my own challenges to deal with. For people like us who firmly planted their stakes in .ca, it is hard to let go. I think the business of domain names have mostly moved on. If you calculate all you have to pay in renewals and all your time spent on renewing, doing out bound marketing, or simply answering emails, you'd find, like most of the people out here sharing their thoughts on domains, you wouldn't be making much more than the minimum wage.

In Canada, we love and use our .CAs, but .CA as a domain investment has been a colossal failure.

If you own 1000 -1500 .ca domains for the last 20 years, you would've been a millionaire many times over if you invested that money in semi-detached homes.

That said, you can still have a domaining business I think, if you own 300,000 - 350,000 .coms and selling them between 2500-14990.

I never pushed you to make an investment or create a website. I simply openly discussed a possibility with you, and concluded over conversation. I was just surprised to see a couple of posts mentioning my idea that I had discussed with you in private. No biggie.
I thought the idea was for red right?

Since I do not intend to develop the domain I figured it was no issue to mention a possibility for the acronym, if red is used as one.
Same here, no foul was intended.

That said I would love to look at your catalog, I often purchase domains from domainers and have been known to make decent offers.

As far as .ca being a failure, we have not seen the big ticket sales but I know I have always covered my costs and then some.
In most cases .ca domainers set their prices too high. I know one time where I offered 25k to a domainer and he sold the domain two years later for under 10k and announced it like it was an achievement. Quite honestly I think he forgot about my offer and I was going to remind him but I figured I would let a sleeping dog lie.

I still very much enjoy domaining and renewals are a straight expense deduction so quite honestly when I look at what I have sold all my expenses including most of my acquisition costs have been covered so its a good deal for me and I have a nice catalog left over.

PS. Anyone feel free to chat here, I will eventually move the topic to hushed and create a new sales topic so don't worry about going off topic here.

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