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Nov 4, 2020
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Screenshot - 2023-05-11T115127.619.png

What is "hempteac" mentioned in the error?

Been a few days with no response from support.

Nothing in the control panel seems to be working for me.

Even a domain I purchased at instead of CatchDrop has stopped forwarding.

I cannot use any forwards nor can I update contact information for whois.

Is anyone else seeing this strange "hempteac" error?

The Catchdrop control panel seems to work, looks like its only affecting the RegisterDomain control panel.
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Found a workaround to this

I have whc hosting so I did the following

I will use from above as an example...

1. I changed nameservers at RegisterDomain to &

2. I then went into my whc cPanel for hosting and added the domain as an addon domain.

3. I set the forward for the domain to my marketpage.

4. All done... see below

Screenshot (4).png

So basically I'm using my hosting for MapleDots to temporarily forward my non-responsive domains at RegisterDomain through WHC.

I will move them over to whc as soon as the 60 day lock expires and then I can set them up same as regular.

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