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Jan 27, 2021
Toronto, ON
It is with sadness that I have to report the passing away of a Pioneer in the .CA space, of Mr Ed Hew, Owner of, who along with Mr. John Demco was instrumental in the launch of the .CA space.

He was a founding member of "CA Domain Committee" from early 1992, and then a CIRA certified Registrar with the transition from the "CA Domain Committee" to "CIRA" in 2000. He was a well known personal in the .CA arena and was a Unix expert.

He along with Energetex, Webnames, Cancon Consulting, CADNS, EgateDomains, DotcanuckDomains, BulkDomains, Expert, Westmount, Kiss, CAN, Baremetal, Sibername and Pool, were the pioneers in the TBR space, before the recent changes after "Fury".

Anyone who has a domain at is requested to move it away before the 31st of August and afterwards, CIRA will merge the registrants at Registry with another Registrar, is what I understand.
Thanks for the info Eby *THUMBSUP*
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Thank you Eby, my condolences to family and friends.

It appears it's also been posted at .
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Too bad someone did not buy it out

He probably did not have a plan in place for a contingency like this, unless of course this was his plan.

My condolences as well
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