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Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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If you’re doing outbound marketing to try and sell a domain name, you might want to remove its buy it now landing page first. If you don’t, closing a sale could cost you quite a bit of money.

If you’ve targeted the right prospective buyer(s) for your good domain name, you will generate interest in the domain name. The first thing a buyer might do is visit the domain name to see what’s there. If you have a BIN landing page showing, the buyer might proceed with the purchase without even responding to your email. While this is an okay problem to have, you’ll still end up paying more in commission for this deal.

Let’s say you close a $5,000 domain name sale via outbound. If you have the domain name parked with, Afternic, or Sedo nameservers (for example), you’ll pay the full sale commission even though you did the work to get the buyer. Had the buyer replied to your email and agreed to a deal, you could have imported the lead at for a 5% commission or used and paid a fee based on the sale price.

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That is sound advice, the 5% import fee is fair and I use it a lot but its definitely a downfall if you are listed at dan/godaddy

In fact, I don't understand why anyone lists at 15-25% when you can use a lander and just import your sale at a reasonable 5%

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