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Nov 4, 2020
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I was reading that the owner of was looking for offers on what he calls an ULTRA PREMIUM

Reading the request for an offer on the other site I got to asking myself if the term was truly an ultra premium or if the real ultra premium was

The answer to me is pretty clear, is in use by Discount Car and Truck rentals and is available to purchase from a domainer.

So I would agree that is a premium but personally I would reserve the ultra premium title for
I personally like Both names are very easy to pronounce. I think owning either one would be great. Wasn’t dropped not that long ago?
If I had a choice, I would pick Very nice name.
I think it might depend on the prefix....buyers company name.
As a generic I like CarRental
Not a big fan of generics, but is my pick.

It's longer and has the double-Rs, but it flows better visually and my opinion
I like car rental and car rentals before rent a car

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