Request for Domain - A Canadian Scam! (2 Viewing)

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CANA Domains

Targeting Canadians
Some additional context/insight for anyone unacquainted,

this is a typical “domain squatting” attempt. The general idea being you find a target of high value (I.E “Target”, the American store chain) and you find a gap in their domain portfolio.

Let’s say in theory they have,, but not

The opportunist in this instance registers the latter domain and in superfluous terms rebrands the situation as a necessity to protect their portfolio and consistent online branding. Target being an incredibly large company likely wouldn’t shrug at a $500 asking price, and so to our scam artist goes a pretty and easy profit.

Failing a response, they’ll just leverage a refund policy. This is tried em mass and to death, should be obvious this rarely if ever works but more than that is outright illegal and can land you in court.

All that to say, while buddy here likely isn’t a scammer in the traditional take your money and run sense, he is violating domain squatting laws and is best ignored.

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