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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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It's been a while since we sent out an update on the site.

We have been hard at work updating the website and the latest update is now complete.
The big news is the mobile version of the website which take the bulk of the traffic. It has been completely overhauled with dozens of tweaks to assure the mobile experience is the best it can be. Here is but a small list...

  • The Sponsor Ads (not google ads) will now increase in size if displayed on a larger screen.
  • The mobile menu is cleaned up
  • now goes directly to the market pages.
  • The Sold Domains database is always increasing and can now be reached at
  • The Sold Domains forum has also been moved to inside the marketplace.
  • You can lookup sold domains in a single click by clicking .ca .com or .other
  • custom addresses are available to use on your custom market page.
  • is live for .ca listings.
  • for .com listings.
  • for everything else.
  • Get verified Status and claim your blue checkmark for increased confidence in the marketplace.
  • The daily limit for the market place has been increased 3 fold.
  • Remember we have bookmarks easily accessable beside the search upper right of every page.
  • Our search has been greatly improved, you can now search all extensions in a single search.
  • Sponsors now get a special deal on the big box ads, making them quite affordable, first come first serve on this one.
  • Almost all functions and features can be controlled from our custom footer with quick links to make it mobile friendly.
  • Remember you can contact support at any time with the orange contact link at the bottom right of the forum.
  • We have added Germany to our list of world forums, see the widget on desktop near the bottom of the forum.
  • All ads and sponsorship's can be tracked via your own webstats, just search for ? in your webstats.
  • The CIRA ad has been moved right beside the CIRA tools on the destop site.
  • Top and Bottom google banners have been added to see if we can recoup some of our operating expenses.
  • We had a milestone 1,355 visitors at the same time on October 28, 2023 which was our largest visitor count to date.
  • The WISE and ESCROW ad positions are now open to new clients that wish to advertise on
  • Have a topic you want to discuss in private? Hushed Topics is not open to Guests and not indexed on Google.
  • The TBR forum now has support topics for and
  • Sponsors can open free Pinned Topics to advertise specials in Domain Names and Domain Services.
  • We have added a shiny new Navigation Bar to highlight exactly where you are on the site.

There are plenty of new features not in this list but the general theme is to make everything as mobile friendly as possible. We have paid attention to every detail so you don't have to.

Thank you for being a member and we look forward to hearing from you.
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We've always been impressed by how proactive and organized you are when it comes to managing the forum. You are doing a fantastic job.

Also, congratulations on setting a new DAU record.

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