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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Hello fellow members, if I can please ask you to review our new blog and let me know your opinions. It is now done and as usual I have done a lot of customizing and all the conversations lead back here to

I use google blogger as the underpinnings and that is quite on purpose because it indexes on google miraculously fast and from what I see google does definitely favour their own blogs.

The articles are all ones I pick of the forum and they are not meant to be elaborate because it is basically a tool to drive traffic.

There are a few surprise customizations and I tried to match it as close as I could to

Not sure if I will keep the background or change it to a solid colour so opinions would certainly help.

It looks amazing on mobile and just like the forum skin I have put in the effort so that everything lines up on small screens.
Looks good Frank *THUMBSUP*
Clean and easy to load.
That is very clever *THUMBSUP*
Notice you cannot discuss on the blog, it links it back to the proper topic here.

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Sponsors who contribute to keep free.

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