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Nov 27, 2020
Hey everyone!

Cool Canadian hang out corner of the internets. Looks like I don't know a soul on here. Who are all these people?

Thx Dan for setting this up. And thx again for helping WaterSchool nab in the TBR back in 2018.

About me: I'm new to domain names. Don't own any. Never met a domain-err. Can barely type. I'm always outside, rarely at a keyboard. Hate conferences, hate helping people, hate networking, hate biking, hate building businesses, hate Whistler, hate my cats. Oh, and I'm sarcastic.

Hit me up on Linkedin over Facebook.
Now I get to welcome someone, welcome!

Thanks for the "boat ride" a few years back. That was my first time talking domain names to people that understand domains in person. Great chats and a great time!
Ah, that would have been the NamesCon Hexonet Boat Cruise. We did two of them. Here's pics from the one in 2016: Facebook
Maybe you're in there?
This is me in the middle between Paul Stahura and Dan Schindler (both of Donuts): Bei Facebook anmelden

And my beautiful wife Vanessa, and my oldest son (Brandon):
Bei Facebook anmelden

We even had the father of .ca on there: John Demco

Screenshot (50).png
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Great to see you hear Richard!

You have done so much for the domain Industry... Loved NamesCon had lots of fun and the Domain Cruise in Vancouver was a great get together as well.

Thank you for all the work you put into bringing domainers together! look forward to hearing your point of view on some Canadian domain topics.

Are you still in the "Resume" business? I saw a name on this TBR that made me think of you, but if memory serves me you may have sold that one?


Yep, sold as a business to Indeed a couple years ago now. Focusing on now. Anyone need a logo?
Man, look at all those different NamesCon t-shirts! Someone should put together all of the NamesCon T-shirt drops and auction them off. They'd probably catch more than the Supreme collection (see: ) "253 Supreme T-shirts expected to sell for $2M in Christie's auction"
namesca said:
Ah, that would have been the NamesCon Hexonet Boat Cruise. ...
Maybe you're in there?

Found myself, thanks! pic updated
namesca said:
Hey everyone!
Cool Canadian hang out corner of the internets. Looks like I don't know a soul on here. Who are all these people?

Hey bud, yes, you definitely know some people on here, it just may not be obvious. Sorry, I still owe you an email reply (but i did send you that domain valuation link this week).

I was always bummed that I missed those cruises. It was always just bad timing. That's the problem with living in the Okanagan, summers are so busy, there's almost no way I can slip away in August, we always have guests and/or I'm out on a forest fire somewhere.

Glad to see you're here!
Welcome to our little corner of the world, I am happy to see you here.

I cannot believe it has been this long since we had a Canadian board to meet up and blow off some steam. I have been planning to do this ever since died. I approached the investor to purchase it but he said it's his baby and not for sale. This was after he closed it down.

I also bid against him for and I he might have lost interest because he wanted to own the holy grail of domaining @=

Welcome aboard Richard! Grab a cocktail...mix and mingle. Nice to have you here.
Welcome Richard, good to see you here. I believe if it weren't for you and for Tucows, I wouldn't be here today.

Now go and clean that drink off yourself.
Welcome Richard, great to see you here! I can sympathize with rlm, being in the Interior BC and having to miss all the action in Vancouver sometimes. I missed the last cruise by a matter of days, had been in Vancouver the weekend before. Hearing some of the stories on here makes me think how time has flown by.
Hi Richard!

Nice to see you here. Different places same faces! Small world

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