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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
There is an article by Rick Schwartz where he lambasts register.com for stuffing his account with unwanted domain names.


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So the big question is why would Rick use one of the worst registrars anyway?
I was curious so I went to register the .ca IsThisaJoke.ca

Here are the results:


Notice in this screen shot the shopping cart is empty


Enter the domain name


It is instantly in the card, it does not say available or anything it is automatically added to the cart and I would have to remove it.


Now I must continue as a guest or login to even see the cart


Upsell #1 - Add Microsoft 365


Upsell Number #2 + #3 + #4


Upsell Number #5


Total price $21.00 USD

OMG, this company is owned by web.com and Rick goes through this crap when he registers and now they include a free matching .site domain for every domain he owns. If he does not cancel the .site domains they will automatically renew after one year!!

So register.com is artificially boosting the .site registrations by millions per year and then catching unsuspecting folks when they forget to cancel the .site domain after a year. The renewal rate will probably include the free first year!!

What a racket!!
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Ugh! And they have been around forever :(
Maybe Rick only has this one domain there because he bought it there and there's a 60-day lock on it before he can transfer it out? I doubt he's got all of his domains there... The other domains of his I checked were at Directnic.
I landed a nice two word .com today and it's sitting at Register.com

UGH, what an experience, virtually everything is done by phone.
Two factor is a phone call telling you the code instead of texting.

Old school people that like doing things via an old fashioned phone call will love this company.
Trying to get one of my business names the hell out of Register.com

- They phoned me with a 2 factor authorization - like what?

- Three days to get the transfer code (if they approve me)

The title of this topic is still valid.... What a joke!!

PS. Did I tell you all the WARNINGS I got when I tried to unlock, then I had to answer questions where I was going and why. It was mandatory I could not initiate without answering the questions.

So far the only registrar I would rate worse is netsol.... hey wait a minute, they're both owned by web.com, of course service is going to be crap.com :poop:
Imagine how much business they'll make if they had improved their service in the past decade.

Saw a tweet about NetSol. Authorization code they sent didn't work so he had to call and wait another week. 🤦‍♂️
Screenshot (16).png

I can't tell you how much this upsets me, it's like I don't own my domain, I just received this email.

Of course I turned off transfer lock, just give me my code so I can control MY domain.
It's almost like they are doing you a favour by giving it to you 3 days later.

PS Here is my previous review of Netsol as well
Stay Away from Network Solutions
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