Ridiculous or Genius sales page? You be the judge... (1 Viewing)

Lets break it down....


Nice lander...


$12,500 on Dan.com


$5000 on godaddy


$12,500 on afternic

Either is is purely ridiculous for the pricing difference or it is genius to get you to click the godaddy Buy Now as soon as possible.

You be the judge.
I've actually been thinking of giving Domain.io a shot, as my portfolio is becoming a bit unwieldy, especially with all the TXT codes needed, and the requirement to change nameservers multiple times. That, and ability to give the potential buyer multiple venues to purchase from is a real bonus.

I do wish there was more detailed info on the Domain.io site, such as exactly which sales venues are supported, is there a limit (3?) per listing, etc.
Ps. The only reason I used the word ridiculous is because it's either blaring mistake with the pricing difference or its done intentionally to get you to click the buy now button before the owner realizes the mistake.

Quite honestly... I kinda like it :coolest:
I agree it is clever if intentional *THUMBSUP*
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I used to think that it was important to keep pricing across different marketplaces almost constant.

However, I tend to think that maybe it is an advantage to deliberately have a price different at one, so a potential buyer can see it as getting a deal.

I am not sure would make the difference this much.

As to whether it is good to give multiple buying options, or if that will just confuse the buyer and he/she will hesitate and not press any of the BIN, I am not sure.

I have not used it, but agree that the service looks useful.

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I think you need to have different BIN prices on different venues, if only to account for the varying commission rates.

That's why this example is even weirder, as GoDaddy has the highest commission.

P.S. Bob, I think the multiple marketplace links is genius, as I have sold many domains to companies that 'will only buy through GoDaddy", even if the price is higher than on Dan. Giving the buyer a choice of options is never a bad thing, as some could have existing GD (or Afternic or Sedo, etc.) accounts and may not want to buy anywhere else.

Plus, I think the presence of well-known names like GoDaddy and Sedo on your lander will give greater credence to your listing, and may increase offers or sales at other venues like Dan or Uni.

I think at some point in 2022 I am going to give Domain.io a shot and see if conversions go up. Just the auto-TXT listing, auto-delete-when-sold, and auction tracking features look to be worth the monthly cost.
Another more likely explanation:

Zelo.ca dropped in 2012 and 2020, so it has had 3 owners or more.. And I can guarantee that a significant portion of the listings at any one of those legacy sales platforms are zombie listings. Its quite likely that those listings were created by two different people. The Dan listing is probably the only one I actually trust as being legit.

I know that there are many domains I own that are still listed on various platforms listed by previous owners. Since I don't use those platforms, they've just sat in the old owner's accounts.

Another thought: Listing it at different prices on different platforms probably has little to no effect on non-domainer buyers. Domainers are likely the only ones savvy enough to check every available market. So if that was your strategy, you're scaring off many potential buyers by showing many the high price, when they may have been willing to buy at the lower price.

And lastly - notice that the owner fixed that $5K godaddy price - its now the same as the others.

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