Safari automatically added .com and directed me to keywordcom (1 Viewing)

It seems that many people are interested in Domain Parking. I'd like to share more about it. I began using Domain Parking to monetize traffic in the early 2000s, earning a couple of thousand euros per month with European ad feed providers. Around 2010, I noticed a significant increase in my domain traffic and revenue. I couldn't figure out why until I switched to an iPhone 3GS. One day, I opened the Safari browser and intended to enter a web address. I typed a domain keyword but accidentally left out the .com suffix. To my surprise, Safari automatically added .com and directed me to keyword․com. At that moment, everything suddenly made sense! Early iPhones automatically appended .com to keywords entered in the browser's address bar, giving domains with common keywords a surge of direct navigation traffic, thanks to the smartphone boom. Parked domains benefited greatly from this, generating more ad revenue.

Realizing this, I made a bold move. Within a year, I registered over 10,000 .com domains, focusing solely on high-search keywords, regardless of their resale potential, and parked them at Sedo. In just a few months, my parking revenue skyrocketed to 5 figures monthly. This income stream lasted for about 2 to 3 years until Apple sold Safari’s address bar to Google, causing all traffic from this source to vanish instantly, ending my golden era. Nonetheless, this crucial discovery earned me my first significant fortune, which became the foundation for my future ventures. I remain grateful for the lucrative days that Domain Parking brought me.

What bothers me is when I visit a domain like and then I try to reach it automatically goes to .com

I think .co probably loses more traffic than any extension on the planet.

In my opinion that makes it one of THE worst extensions to run a business on.

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