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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Fast Growing Registrar Reaches 1 Million Domains Under Management Just 2 Years After Launch

Only 43 of the nearly 3,000 domain registrars in business worldwide have passed the 1 million mark in domains under management. Today Anthos Chrysanthou, the Founder & CEO of registrar and domain marketplace, announced that his company has just done it and it took them only two years since they launched to do it - a time frame few have been able to match.

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I have admired SAV for a while now because the lander pages look very clean and similar to hopw used to look.

In fact I may even be wrong there and say it was that previously borrowed the clean landers from sav.

Nontheless, if I was not with Dan I would probably try SAV for my landers.

The 4% commission is also among the lowest in the industry.

If anyone is using SAV could you share how the payment system works?

I am going to try and invite a rep here to answer that as well because the reason I like so much is they pretty well take over when a domain sells and the money just ends up in my bank account.

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