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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Visiting from Canada automatically brings you to ignoring Canada. does not resolve and throws up an error.

Goes to show why we are still desperately in need for an all Canadian marketplace.

I mean how hard would it be to execute that bringing some of the listed .ca's to the foreground?
@rlm has been saying he will build it for himself for a looong time. Would be nice to actually follow through on that.

You sound like the Canadian Government.
Got an update on this topic, later than anticipated due to some other things taking up my time the last few weeks.

I spoke briefly with the CMO of Sedo at NamesCon, (Christian Voss), and I have followed up with him with more details. He was genuinely interested in the feedback and suggestions, and he has promised to discuss this overall topic internally with his colleagues. I will continue to follow up with him about this and will report back here.

Meanwhile, he did share with me that on the Sedo Website(s), they do use IP addresses to identify the country that the visitor is visiting from, and for Canadian visitors they do weight the domain search results towards .CA domains. So, in general, if a Canuck visits the Sedo Website, including the 'USA' one, and does a search, in theory the Canuck will be presented with more .CA domains than an American visitor will see. So that sounded like a positive thing, a good baby step.

@MapleDots, regarding sponsorship, I recommend you hold off on approaching Sedo until I/we learn more about Sedo's interest in the .CA namespace. I would be happy to introduce you to Christian, but I think it's premature at this point.

Have a great Canada Day weekend everyone!

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