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Jul 3, 2021
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Dedicated nameservers:

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Sedo has released some new landers and they seem nice at first glance, and a bit similar to Dan landers.

They must have been working on them for a while but I can't help wonder if they're anticipating/hoping people will jump ship from Dan and move over to Sedo (should GD mess with the commission structures at Dan).

Test it with 1 domain before changing more. There's a bug that is forwarding the domain to Sedo's main page instead of the landing page. Checked a domain that was posted on another forum.
I will wait a bit i think but im happy sedo is finally making moves.
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Very interesting and with 10% commission it is going to give godaddy a run for the money.
That's nothing new though, they had that before already for Buy Now listings with their nameservers for 10 years or more.
Domain is resolving to the proper page now.
If you accessed it via HTTPS that could be a cause for the redirect, it can happen while the cert is generated, I think.
Do they still have that giant ugly cookies pop-up like before @silentg?

Can you give me an example to check?
That's nothing new though, they had that before already for Buy Now listings with their nameservers for 10 years or more.
They ought to match DAN's commission structure if they really want to shake things up.

I've never used their escrow services before but they only charge 3% commission for imported sales, whereas Dan charges 5%. The 3% at Sedo is applied to whomever initiates the transaction (ie "the applicant"), but the fee can also be divided between the buyer and seller upon request... so you might finish by only paying a 1.5% commission or possibly 0% if you insist the buyer pays the full 3%.

I'm just realizing that now after looking it up:

Transfer Services for external domains sales

Even when agreements are made outside of our platform, Sedo's secure Transfer Services are available regardless of which role you are playing. Sellers receive their money without any hassle whatsoever and we provide assurance to buyers that they will acquire unlimited control of the new domain after payment has been received.

The applicant is charged a fee of 3% of the gross selling price. A minimum fee of $60 applies to category 1 domains, and $200 to category 2 domains.

Upon request, we will also assist you in dividing the fee between the buyer and seller. Please note: If you reach an agreement outside of our marketplace and the domain is also listed on Sedo's marketplace with active negotiations, then the same commission shall be charged as for sales on the domain marketplace. Minimum fees and commissions in this price list are exclusive of taxes (for example, VAT) where applicable. Additional fees may exist through your registrar or bank.
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Check this below. Not only is it massive and take up 50% of the screen but they also try to trick you into clicking on “select all” rather than “confirm selection”, by making select all green and in the best location. Not evil but sneaky, and I might be willing to look past that but there must be a cleaner way. Like Dan does.

I just dumped Dan and went back to just a basic lander and a contact email, I will explain why in an interesting new topic in the next day or so.

Tried Bodies, a lot of risk there and will for sure not be using Sedo. I don't like shanagins, I like clean and only focused on the domain.

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