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Dec 5, 2020
Hey Guys,

I'm McDuke at NP also. Maple told me you guys were all here so here I am.


I'm looking to sell a 100 lot that includes these and many more decent domains for the industry.

All canna / hemp industry domains.

Shoot me a pm I'll send you a list. I'm looking to raise funds to build a couple projects out.


McDuke said:
Hey Guys,

I'm McDuke at NP also. Maple told me you guys were all here so here I am.

Yup but in a private email because I would not want to get a rule_violation notice from namepoos for mentioning another forum.
Imagine the idea of free speech, that would be so foreign in the land of the free!!

I have seen McDuke's list, there are some really good canna domains there, definitely 100% suited for the industry.

Welcome, thanks for joining us [notify]McDuke[/notify]
Welcome to [notify]McDuke[/notify] !
Hey guys!

This is a cool forum. It's better than a single .ca thread.

Yeah, I grabbed the domains years ago. If you guys know me, I pretty much hangout in the canna thread at np.

I picked them up over the years, so I had business options.

I travelled all over north America studying the industry, thanks to domaining. Now it's time to build out the niches I'm interested in.

So this .ca lot is up for grabs.

Shoot me a note via pm to talk shop.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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can we not edit posts? id like to remove some of these domains that have sold. or admins can just take off the domains i listed, that works too. thanks.
Which would you like removed..I can do it for you [notify]McDuke[/notify]
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All policies are open to discussion until we get out of beta, just open a topic in the feedback section.

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