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Nov 26, 2020
will consider selling both as a package or individually, both with GD

$500 each or both for $800

Home Forum . ca

House Forum . ca
Hello [notify]David[/notify]

Our Buy & Sell section domains have new rules for 2021

You need to update and add a beginning price for bids or a selling price.

Members are free to offer less (because it is an open marketplace) but you need to have a starting point.
Having countless make an offer topics with no idea as to pricing does not make the marketplace productive.

You can showcase unpriced domains in the showcase section where members can peruse your inventory.

Since this is the first post in Buy & Sell for 2021 I am clarifying the rules a bit and I assure you this lengthy post was not directed at you but to show members moving forward what is expected in the Buy & Sell section as of 2021.

Happy New year to you

PS. You can add a selling price, add a beginning price for make an offer, or request topic be moved to the showcase section.

Remember that setting a starting price for make an offer should be at a price point whereas you would reasonably consider a sale if no other offers are received.
Last chance before i remove the listing

FYI - i did sell MortgageForum . ca a few years ago for $x,xxx
Hey David

Why take them down?
Use the site similar to Dan or Sedo and leave the domains listed until they sell, no harm in that.

PS. I have lots of my domains listed, the more exposure the better.

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