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Bob Hawkes
Jan 3, 2021
Victoria, BC
I see that a $2000 sale of on Flippa has just been posted on NameBio.

Anyone know the buyer or seller?

It strikes me as a really great name that could be used in many sectors.

The name has been registered since 2001, and is registered until 2030. The name is taken in 182 TLDs.

Is it possible this was a domain investor acquisition?

MapleDots said:
Someone is serious about keeping the domain O:)

Could be the guys from They seem to be a legit company to think big.
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It was owned not that long ago by a member here, according to my records, and I know our [notify]MapleDots[/notify] has bought other domains from this seller as well. Definitely a good price for the buyer.
Wow, wonder if the seller knew who they were selling to.

I could see owning that domain for years and in a moment of frustration marking the BIN down for a quicker sale.

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