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Nov 23, 2020
I did a search here and didn't find it so....

I just noticed that NameBio has posted a sale of SMOOTH.CA for $1,000 on Flippa - if true (you never know with Flippa), that's a crazy price.
DomainRecap said:
I did a search here and didn't find it so....

I just noticed that NameBio has posted a sale of SMOOTH.CA for $1,000 on Flippa - if true (you never know with Flippa), that's a crazy price.

Lol, those dumbshits at flippa have got their heads so far up their arses. I was pretty sure [notify]MapleDots[/notify] snagged that domain a while back, but I saw it listed there on flippa and thought I'd call their bluff. Mistake! They started an escrow transaction and the seller emailed to apologize that it was sold. Both myself and the seller have tried for days to get Escrow.com to cancel the bogus transaction, but Escrow refuses to do it. Literally refuses to do it. How effed up is that?? They say Flippa has to do it. Right. I doubt that'll ever happen. In the mean time Escrow is continually spamming me that I've got to agree to the terms.

And while I'm ranting, Escrow.com has REALLY been pissing me off lately. Their customer service is useless and this inability to cancel transactions is bullshit (not just this one but others where a buyer initiates a transaction through a landing page integrated with Escrow.com). I've had this argument with Escrow and they just refuse to acknowledge my argument. If the transaction has not been agreed to by both parties, then either party should be able to cancel it, any time, no effing questions asked. Especially when both the buyer and seller have stated that the transaction is bogus to begin with, inadvertently created by stupid flippa.

Furthermore, Escrows verification processes for a buyer has apparently gotten ridiculous. It took 3 months to close one recent transaction. I've got another one that is 3 months and counting. Both delayed due to the fact that the buyer can't figure out how to get them to accept their verification as a buyer. The one that is ongoing was just a $1500 domain, paid by credit card. When my brother's business was sold, I was simply selling the domain to the new owner cheaply as a favor (which I had always paid for and hosted). This will have been the most painful $1500 I've ever made in my life.

And lastly, Escrow.com is basically scamming people. They _know_ that a business has to be verified before a transaction takes place, but they are more than happy to accept payment before telling them they have to be verified. Then they hold their money hostage until they prove their identity - which is obviously not as easy as it seems to be for some businesses. The one guy showed me his credit card statement with the Escrow charges from more than a month prior, and not understanding what the hold up was. And the entire time, Escrow.com support was damn near useless in trying to get it resolved. And here they've already got his money so we can't even try another escrow provider. They're literally holding the buyer's money hostage. I've complained about this tactic for many many years and its clearly a strategy of theirs.

Has anyone else been having problems with Escrow.com? If both buyers are already verified, it seems to go smoothly, but all of my sales are end users and thus are often new to Escrow.com. I'm getting to the point where I'm embarrassed to have recommended them to the buyer.

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