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Nov 11, 2020
So here is what happens when you mention on NP in “private chat”. They are getting as bad as Twitter and FB! :lol:

Yup I had a big pow wow with Eric and told him we could work together. I said he stands more to gain because they have only one .ca topic and we would be linking back and forth to all areas of the forum. He said he would consider it but promptly banned the mention of

Plus the fact that a few members got message restricted which means there is a possibility they are reading the private messages, something I have always warned about. I say it again and again, forum private messages are not private and admins do have the tools available to read them.

Guess what...

The main reason we are using our software is because it was one of the more privacy oriented scripts I could find. There is no script to read private messages here because the software does not come with private messages. I had to add that service and there is no further script to read the messages.

So rest assured our little Canadian board is just a little friendlier, we have no plans to add any nosy scripts to invade our members privacy.
There are other forums for .CA domains? ;-)
And if you see the latest post by Bravo Team (really eric) you will notice they are monitoring the .ca topic quite heavily.

Any mention in topic or PM and your account is restricted.

Free speech is dead in the US, all the big platforms think they have the right to censor people.

Facebook, Google, YouTube

Eventually new sites will spring up that will take a tiny little chunk like... is doing with YouTube.
I might not agree with all the content but at least it is free speech.


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