now has one of the best .ca registration prices (1 Viewing)

Screenshot (74).png

You can change currency and that is in CAD folks o_O

Renews at $10.28 CAD

Read more about Spaceship here: NameCheap Launches
Don't know anything about them, but maybe they are ramping up to be the next Godaddy acquisition target.
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Prices have gone up a bit but you can tell they are trying to keep them down as low as possible.

Quite refreshing since I see .ca registrations all the way up to $45 per year on some sites.
Dynadot is working on a separate marketplace like I checked out their current one and decided to wait.
So who are the people behind Spaceship and are they trustworthy? Are they in the US or Canada?

Years ago I was willing to go to Uniregistry because Frank Schilling was behind it.

The prices are pretty nice!
They don't allow .ca transfers at the moment even though they advertise the pricing for transfers.

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