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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
We enlisted an experienced moderator from another forum to help moderate the "Off Topic" section.

Please welcome Cooper the friendly cop!
Welcome Cooper!
Thank you guys

I go way back with MapleDots, we ran another forum site with thousands of members. I never thought I'd be doing this again but it feels good to bring Cooper out of retirement.
Hey Coop, thanks for coming back to help out.

I miss our interactions, it's been way too long.

Yup reminds me of the olden days

Cooper the friendly cop
I speak softly but carry a big stick :D
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HaHa, I remember all that, and your cop avatar, god I miss those days.

For anyone who does not know, Cooper was a moderator on my automotive forum.
We conversed thousands of times.
Yup that was when we were both young and good looking :D
How long have you been domaining Cooper? Do you have a portfolio? :)
Hello Nafti

I not a domainer, I was the moderator of one of franks previous forums. We spent many years together on and he invited me back to moderate the off topic section here. It's been a few years since I moderated but I enjoy doing it so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully learning about about domains.

It brings back a lot of memories because the colour scheme is similar and the off topic section was also called speakers corner.

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