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Dec 19, 2020
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One of my most visited domains with over 2500 visits to my Dan lander since I added it there on April 14th, 2021.

Almost all traffic comes from within Canada (87% the last time I checked).

Open to offers in the four-figure range.

Payment can be made via paypal or e-transfer.

I can be reached here: Esdiel
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I have somewhat of an interesting story to share...

So I got an offer for this domain via Sedo just an hour or two after my last post on this thread (Sept 8th). It first seemed obvious that someone saw my post here and went to Sedo to lowball me with a 500 USD offer, as I didn't have a minimum bid set there.

I countered very high, partly out of frustration, since I said 4-figure range only and I was sure they knew that. I was also kinda bothered how I wasn't contacted directly here on the forum and how Sedo would take a 15% commission if I was ever willing to sell. Anyway, I countered high and the buyer then cancelled the negotiations.

However, after further review I don't think it was someone from here since: 1) the buyer is apparently from the US (see below); 2) I did promote the domain elsewhere at the same time, and 3) because of my analytics also showed it was likely someone from the US. There's more to say about that but I'm pretty sure the lead came from elsewhere.

I probably scared away the buyer with my high counter but it wasn't totally unreasonable in comparison to other similar domain sales. In any event, I'm not too upset since I paid more for the domain and have already received much bigger offers, but it leads me to wonder if I could have kept him/her on the hook for longer, and get them up much higher, had I not countered so high.

End of story.


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