domain name to be acquired for USD $6 million (1 Viewing)

I read about that this morning and immediately thought it sold too cheap.

Considering what they pay players (millions of dollars) I think this domain could have gone for more.

Personally I think 10 or 12 million would not have been out of the question.
It looks like this is linked to a SPAC and, which plans to go into sports betting, so sure if you have a well funded company and they plan to go big into an industry like gambling the price 'could' have been more. Or I guess another way to say it is they could have afforded to pay more if they are a well funded SPAC and expect to be a big player. Though there will be a lot of competition in sports betting now that it's opened up to single event bets. sold for $30 million, before that if you'd asked me if I wanted or it would have been a difficult choice. I might even still take over because sports is such a huge market all over the world.

One newsletter I get on start ups shows what funding they are getting in different rounds. Every week you see these start ups getting $10 million, $50 million, $100 million and more in funding rounds, companies you've never heard of. There is a lot of money sloshing out there in the world right now...

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