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Jul 3, 2021
Toronto, ON

After staking a claim as the world's largest company naming and branding platform, Squadhelp completed an explosive rebranding of themselves this morning when they re-emerged from the makeover blast with a new name - Atom - and a new super-premium web address at Atom.com!

Goodbye SquadHelp, Hello Atom! Popular Naming & Branding Platform Goes Nuclear With Move to Atom.com

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Good rebrand, didn't like the old name either.
I tried squad help / atom, its definitely not for me. Its a lot like flippa which always confused the heck out of me with brands, websites, domains etc.

I sell domains and I'm more comfortable with my own lander focused on my domain and not all the other stuff going on at squad help. The white label listings they have are nice but again I feel its way too much effort and if you really dig into the fees there are a lot of surprises.
I am seeing more sales getting reported by other investors on X. Just sold a Atom listed name that was sold at Afternic.
Is Atom dictating the price you can sell a domain at? I didn't encounter that in the domains I tested there.
Wow. You can probably blame the 12-year-olds that post shitty ass domains on every other platform asking for ludicrous sums.

torontom.ca - only $11,000,000 USD. The .com can be had for $2734.

shapedspliffs.ca - only $3,500,000 USD on Dan.com - or just hand reg it for $12 CAD.

Dan is now filled with stale or just stupid listings like all the rest.

There does need to be some way to separate the morons from the serious listings though. Restricting the price has its advantages i suppose because it helps self regulate. Either you think that's reasonable and accept it, or you don't list it as a premium marketplace domain. But it twists the meaning of premium marketplace, so I think its a bad idea.
I agree, there are stupid listings out there but Atom is no different from godaddy, they cannot predict what will sell and at what price.

If we look at the domain above as a for instance PairFriend.com

For Atom to say the most in can be worth is $3,400 with a suggested selling price of $2,699 is absurd.

If a company opens up under that name the domain could easily go for several times that value. For Atom to lock the owner of the domain in at a set price is absurd.

So outside of the idiotic listings the realistic ones should be dictated by the domain owner not the marketplace.
Where and how to draw the line between being realistic and living in fantasy is the problem. But I agree, any domain could be worth $10K so micromanaging prices at that level seems ludicrous. I think the real problem is in their definition of "premium marketplace". No offense, but I would never call pairfriend.com premium - whether you paid me to put it in my premium marketplace or not. Premium has become such an overused term, apparently anything listed above reg-fee is considered premium, lol.

A domain marketplace is much like social media. At first it seems like a great idea, a free exchange of ideas! People can post anything!! But then the trolls and stupidity creep in and ruin a good thing. No one has figured out how to effectively filter the good from the bad, the realists from the dreamers, the useful from the useless, etc...
Atom suggest pricing for premium domains when it's approved for listing and you get to decide based on the range. The default they select is always in the middle. The seller that is posted above probably had option to go higher up to mid 4 figure.
It the price is low, you can set it to make offer and appeal.

When submitting the domains, it's better to price your domains so the BIN they approve is close to it or higher.

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