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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I'm being stalked by someone who apparently is not in agreement with my pricing policies. He's putting in fake offers for my domains on numerous platforms. At first I ignored it but it's becoming bothersome and wasting my time.

I removed my domain list from my landing page and the fake offers went down significantly. I'm pretty sure the stalker would go to my list pick a few domains and put in fake offers. As soon as I took the lists down the offers have been relegated to the same few domains, probably the ones he remembers.

I think I know what started it and who the person is but I have no way of confirming his identity. It's not uncommon for me to get angry responses when I quote pricing on but some people seem to feel they have a right to a domain because they have a use for it.

I forwarded my domain list to and now a client has to search for a domain on land on one from the URL bar. I will have to see how that affects my sales but it goes to show the pitfalls of making your domain list accessible to the public.
Why can’t you report them to the platform?
theinvestor said:
Why can’t you report them to the platform?

Have done that but it does not seem to be working, looks like a different client each time but I know it's the same person because he will use the same credentials on numerous platforms before he switches to another.
And everyone laughed at my "privacy concerns".

Wait til one of these lunatics shows up at your front door, which is becoming more and more prevalent in this insane world of ours.
Some people just have too much damn free time on their hands...
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Ouch, never had this pleasure. This is why I love broker inquiries rather than end users contacting.

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